With direct access to a large number of artists, collectors and galleries we are able to source high quality works of art swiftly and discreetly. Research and due diligence into the authenticity of works of art is carried out prior to all sales.


Whether selling by private treaty, or at a public auction, numerous factors will be examined before a recommendation is made. With access to a worldwide network of collectors and galleries we are extremely well positioned to provide the best services possible.


If you are considering purchasing works at auction we can provide a range of services to ensure that the process runs smoothly. These can include: liaison with the auction house before and after a purchase is made; auction representation and advice on logistics and shipping.

With experience at one of the UK's largest auction houses, we are also extremely well placed to advise on all aspects of the sales process. Whether you are new to the game or an old hand, we can make the necessary arrangements on your behalf to ensure that the process runs smoothly and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.


We provide advice and assistance to collectors, both new and established, on how to develop and maintain their collections. Based on your interests and budget we can create a focussed strategy to help you attain a curated and well-rounded collection. For those with established collections we can also create a fully detailed catalogue of your collection for insurance and/or inventory purposes. In addition to these services we can also provide advice on matters such as framing, restoration, logistics, storage and photography.


With our expert knowledge and experience we are able to provide up-to-date market valuations for 20th century works of art from a wide variety of Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.